Tie game lifts team spirit

Linzie Burke and Linzie Burke

The Lady Vaqueros treated fans to an exciting weekend at home with a blowout of the Antelope Valley Marauders 4-0 on Friday and a defensive clash with the nationally-ranked San Diego Mesa Olympians on Saturday, resulting in a 0-0 tie.

The Vaquero’s record stands at 3-2-1.

The City College women’s soccer team is looking good and feeling even better about the season after a slow start.

“This team has a lot of talent and great potential,” freshman forward Morgan Camy said after Saturday’s game. “There are a lot of players who can really play, so being a starter means you work really hard to keep it.”

This year’s team features a larger roster than last season, increasing from 14 to 24 girls, providing head coach John Sisterton with an even larger talent pool to pull from.

Sisterton spoke enthusiastically about his team’s prospects this season, voicing hopes of winning the Western State Championships.

Although Sisterton spoke with great confidence about the entire team, he mentioned a few names to look out for this season: left side player Norma Mendez, captain Lizzie Grove and forward Morgan Camy.

“The girls just work great together,” said Sisterton. “Our biggest obstacle this season is ourselves. But the team has the ability to go forward. We welcome competition.”

Though one of the goals was bumped into the net by a player from Antelope Valley, Friday’s win provided proof of the Lady Vaqueros offensive firepower and gave a moral boost to a City College team that was desperate for a win.

While Saturday’s game ended in a scoreless tie, the girls came out with just as much, if not more confidence than the day before, as they were able to hold their own against the undefeated Olympians.

Despite an abnormally aggressive offensive scheme by the Olympians, in which they stack the front and midfield, the Vaqueros were able to adapt and stifle the visitors.

The Vaqueros dominated possession and came much closer to scoring.

San Diego Mesa showed incredible speed on the outside but were never able to penetrate the rock-solid defense of freshman goalie Lauren Ross.

San Diego was also able to showcase their defensive tactics as the Vaqueros attempted goal after goal, but were shut down every try.

The Lady Vaqueros appeared calculated in their footwork and field strategies.

Their communication during the game was not only seen, but heard. Tensions rose as the clock continued to wind down.

Each team attempted to mount a last-minute rally, but time expired with two big goose eggs on the scoreboard.

Concluding their long week of practice and games, the team was pleased to walk away with a tie against one of their biggest competitors.

While the season has just recently begun, the Lady Vaqueros have already shown they posses what it takes to have a successful season.