Brief – Continuing-Ed

Jason Reed and Jason Reed

City College Continuing Education is offering three new classes this fall.
“Emergent China,” which covers political and economic aspects of China, has scheduled a three part series, which will include lectures by guest speakers.
Harry Wu, who was a political prisoner in China, will be lecturing Oct. 11.
An Oct. 18 lecture features Weihua Chen, the chief correspondent of the English Language China Daily Newspaper. Ending the series, John Pomfret, who was the former Washington Post’s bureau chief in Beijing will close the series, Nov. 1.
“Preventable Genocide: Who Speaks For Humanity,” features United Nations’ Assistant Secretary-General, Robert Orr and a panel of experts to discuss genocide in Sudan and elsewhere. The class will take place from 8:45 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the Fe Bland Auditorium, Nov. 5.
“The 2030 Challenge: How Building Design Can Turn Down the Global Thermostat,” addresses the topic of how the architecture and building community plays a central role in global warming.
“I think these classes are fabulous,” said Judy Powell, public information specialist for Adult Education. “I am definitely excited about them.”