Brief – Several swipes start new semester

Yuko Hirose and Yuko Hirose

alking to hit-and-run have been reported in the recent safety department log.

According to the security department’s logs, the following incidents occurred on campus.

Aug. 05

The Marine Technology building was vandalized with a large amount of graffiti.

Aug. 17

Five juveniles stole a City College utility cart and crashed it into a nearby hill.

Aug. 26

A student’s backpack filled with $300 worth of textbooks was stolen.

Aug. 28

A student’s bicycle was stolen from the bike racks near Cliff and Rancheria Street.

Sept. 05

Security was called to the Campus Center regarding a student allegedly smoking marijuana.

Sept. 05

A woman reported being stalked by a man near the library.

Sept. 07

A hit-and-run accident was reported by a female student who was stopped in a line in her car at the East Campus kiosk. Though she filed a police report, the case is not yet resolved. The suspected vehicle is described as an older-model, white Volvo.