Brief-Syringe obstructs baseball practice

Silvia Gilman

Baseball coach Teddy Warrecker has requested security and police intervention to stop alleged harassment by a woman living in a van near Pershing Park.

In the latest incident, the unidentified woman threw a used syringe on the baseball field during an April 24 practice, according to the campus security log.

Warrecker removed the syringe and called security officers.

“We increased our patrols in the area,” said senior security officer Ricardo Ornelas.

Warrecker told security a woman was living with a man in a van next to Pershing Park. The coach added that the same people had thrown objects onto the baseball field April 17.

Warrecker had also reported the incident to the Santa Barbara police department, which responded by posting a warning on the van, stating that it should be removed in the next 22 hours.

Ornelas said that as of Friday, the van is still at the same place. “We can’t do much about the van because it is not on City College property,” he added.

In late March, the same woman was arrested because she threatened the baseball coach, according to security reports. Before she was arrested, she said to Warrecker, “I’m going to… rip your head off!” She also threatened to kill him if he came any closer to her, security reported.

– Silvia Gilman