CD Review-The Isley Brothers-Love Songs

Evan Parker and Evan Parker

Draw the shades, light the fire, unroll your tiger-skin rug and pop on The Isley Brother’s essential collection of hit “Love Songs.” Simply put the album is an anthem for lovers. Each song reminding us why, for 20 years, The Isley Brothers have been the best at what they do: Setting the mood. Such songs as “Groove With You,” and “All In My Lover’s Eyes,” are sure to get your significant other in the right mood. However, while The Isley Brothers have a world of well-known songs, some of its best hits are inadvertently known to a younger generation. “Between The Sheets,” is the original tune sampled in Biggie Small’s “Big Poppa,” heard by anyone alive in the nineties, not living in a box on a desert island. “Footsteps In The Dark,” is used on Ice Cube’s “Today Was a Good Day.” “Love Songs” has all the aspects of a good album-quality musicianship, excellent production, and of course, get-down-on-it value.