Brief-SoMA environment impact minimal

Scott Richardson and Scott Richardson

No one from the public took the opportunity Thursday to speak to the board of trustees about the School of Media Art building’s initial environmental impact report.

City College is required by the state to prepare a report on the impact the new SoMA building would have on the surrounding environment.

Joe Sullivan, vice president of Business Services, provided copies of the amended report for the public and presented the board with a summary presentation.

The college is required to hold a public hearing before the board voted. But no one requested to speak. Sullivan said the environmental impacts of the building, like additional parking, are minimal because the building will only house programs already at the college.

“This building is not to expand,” Sullivan said.

Changes the college will make to satisfy the commission’s requirements include 95 parking spaces to be added next to the Garvin Theatre on West Campus and 300 new oak trees.

-Tracy Chamberlin