Arts Brief-SBCC jazz bands play SoHo

Ann Such

Various jazz bands, including City College’s own Lunch Break and Good Times, performed on Monday night for an audience of some 70 people at State Street’s SoHo music club and bar.

A group of 43 beginning, intermediate, and advanced level jazz students waited for their debut on the club’s balcony.

“I’m not nervous yet. Usually right when I get on stage I’m nervous,” said Melissa Ashbaug, the Good Times clarinet and alto sax player.

James Mooy, one of City College’s jazz and song teachers, conducted the performance.

“I don’t even have a stand for my music. I’m just waving my arms though, right?” Mooy jokingly commented as he walked towards the stage.

Dave Campos, another City College teacher was in the audience to enjoy his students’ performance.

Student jazz bands play at SoHo every semester. This is the fourteenth year the club has welcomed performers from City College.

– Anna Such