All aboard for summer abroad

Bridget Veltri

City College’s summer study abroad program offers students an opportunity to learn a foreign language and experience a new culture all in just four weeks.

Students have the option to study foreign languages in Italy, Spain, and Costa Rica.

City College student Angie Ouellette first studied abroad when she traveled to Australia as part of the three-week study abroad program over winter break.

“[I was] on the border of not going,” she said. “If I had waited for a semester-long program to start, I would have chickened out.”

It’s a great way for students to expose themselves to culture with no the long-term commitment, said Associate Dean Carola Smith, who doubles as the program’s director.

The summer program is not only shorter than the semester program it’s also cheaper. “It’s a great alternative for students who can’t leave their jobs or afford to go for an entire semester,” Smith said.

Program costs range from $2,050 to $3,250, without airfare.

Unlike most of the semester-long programs, students will live with a host family from the country. There they will study in language classes consisting of five to 12 students. These classes run for about four hours and are worth six transferable units.

“The intense class time was worth it for the amount of things we got to experience,” said City College student Arial Brewer, who also went on the Australia trip.

Students will have the opportunity to take part in two or three study-related excursions in each country.

Students interested in studying Spanish in Malaga, a Spanish city on the Mediterranean Sea, will have the opportunity to spend two nights in Morocco.

Those who choose to study Spanish in San Joaquin and Flamingo Beach, Costa Rica, can participate in activities like white water rafting and a jungle boat tour.

Students studying Italian in the Tuscan town of Viareggio can travel to nearby Florence and then Siena on day excursions, along with a planned weekend trip to Rome.

“It’s like a vacation but at the same time you are getting units and being productive,” said UCSB student Shaughn Crawford, who attended two previous short-summer programs to France and Italy. he also added that he is now, “addicted to traveling.”

“[The program] is much deeper than just traveling somewhere as a tourist,” said Smith.

Smith herself is fluent in four languages and studied abroad at Cambridge University, in England, while in college. “It still stands out in my mind,” she said of her experience.

Interested students must enroll in summer session 2006 offered and must also be 18 or older at the time of departure.

The trips occur at different times throughout the summer. Spain is from July 1 to 29, Costa Rica is June 17 to July 16, and Italy is from June 16 to July 16. Smith suggests interested students “apply sooner rather than later.”

The deadline to apply is May 1, and programs may fill before the deadline.

-Bridget Veltri is a Journalism 101 student.