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Editorial – Extra classes to bridge gap

The proposed second summer session is exactly what students need-and want.

It is time City College recognized the 53.8 percent of students wanting to take classes in a session the college doesn’t currently offer.

Dr. Jack Friedlander, executive vice-president of Educational Programs is right on the money with his proposal for an additional summer session.

He has worked hard to give students what they want, and should have his efforts rewarded with a two-year dual summer session trial, as he requested.

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The Channels asks the Academic Senate and the board of trustees to acknowledge that the current session offered is not preferred by students.

Students often face financial difficulties. They are forced to endure the high cost of living in Santa Barbara because they are waiting for courses to be offered.

Courses offered for associate’s degrees and transfer purposes can be available less than once a year. With effective planning, an additional session gives students the opportunity to complete their goals more quickly, saving them time and money.

Friedlander has said there is research showing that students taking summer courses are more likely to meet their educational objectives.

With so much emphasis on student success, the faculty and administration must put Friedlander’s plan into effect for Summer 2007. Not doing so is simply irresponsible.

Many legitimate concerns surround the extra session, but the advantage it offers students outweighs the cost.

Cramming a 16-week semester into a five-week session is difficult. But the proposal allows for courses offered in the first session to run more than the allotted six weeks of the current session.

The faculty senate has expressed concerns about the quality of education students would receive from teachers who do not want to be there. But teachers will not be forced to teach in the new session.

This is actually an opportunity to recruit teachers from other universities that want to teach during the summer.

Teachers have other legitimate concerns about outside aides thought unavailable during the summer.

Students in the additional session should be supported by the same services and tutors offered during the fall and spring. If the college implements this additional session, there must be labs and other support services for students.

Statistics don’t lie. When students demand an educational program, City College must respond. We’re not asking for free iPods.

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