CD Review – Jamie Foxx ‘Unpredictable’

Ariel Cohen

Talk about “Unpredictable,” who the hell knew Jamie Foxx was capable of an album this good? In this sex-driven odyssey through Foxx’s fantasy world, an array of artists including Kanye West, Common, Mary J. Blige, and even Snoop Dogg make appearances. Tracks like “With you” and “Wish U Were Here” are definitely download-worthy. Every song resonates with Foxx’s smooth talking, R&B sound. The diversity in the beats and mixing of this album make it truly unique. Each featured artist receives a beat suiting him or her perfectly; Snoop Dogg and his gangster LBC style, Ludacris and his fast-talking Atlanta style, and so on. Either way, one thing brings this whole thing together to make it a perfectly rounded album: Foxx’s smooth R&B delivery.