CD Review – Talib Kweli

Evan Parker

If lyrical skills sold records, Talib Kweli would be one of the most commercially successful rappers of our generation. Despite his relative obscurity, he continues to produce soulful artistic records. His newest album, “Right About Now,” does not stray from the formula. It’s packed with solid beats, catchy hooks, and of course, Talib’s poetic lyrical style, which has been the bread and butter of everything he’s done. Kweli returns to his roots, teaming up with fellow Black Star rapper Mos Def, for an upbeat “Supreme Supreme.” The album’s highlight, “Ms. Hill,” is a melodic reflection about Lauren Hill and the pressure of being in the spotlight. While the album probably doesn’t have the muscle to get much radio and television play, it is another collection of great work, put out by a big artist on an independent label, which only further enhances Kweli’s notoriety as one of the most talented lyricists around.