Brief: Blackout halts campus operations

Jared Blankenship and Jared Blankenship

A power outage occurred during a storm Friday, damaging the circuits at City College. The outage affected the culinary arts department, The Channels, the bookstore and other campus facilities.

Food Service Manager Marc Sullivan said one-third of the food refrigerators were down.

“We are moving meat and other perishables from the downed circuited fridges to functional refrigerators,” said Sullivan during the power outage.

Food was prepared as normal in the cafeteria because the stoves and ovens at City College are gas powered, while the JSB Café was prepared to stay closed if the power outage continued.

Maintenance Supervisor, Brad Gyll said that the power outage caused malfunctions with City College’s heating and air conditioning systems.

“We are working to identify each and every area that has been affected,” Gyll said.

He added that the maintenance department is rushing the order of new parts so the college can repair the damages.