Brief: Community to sell pots and prints

Ariel Cohen and Ariel Cohen

City College’s Art Department will be holding its annual Pots and Prints Sale, from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., November 30 and December 1 in front of the East Campus Cafeteria.

Students prepare to display and sell their artwork months before the actual event, said Professor Pamela Zwehl-Burke, of the Art Department.

The sale will display art made by students and faculty, which will be sold as gifts for the upcoming holidays, said Lisa Marsh, Art Department aide.

Ninety percent of the profits will go to the artists and the remaining 10 percent will be donated to the printmaking and ceramics auxiliary funds.

This year’s event is dedicated to Bernie Sayers, an Art Department technician, who is currently recovering from a motorcycle accident injury, which he sustained earlier this semester.

Sayers’s pottery will be on sale at the event this year, Zwehl-Burke said.

Zwehl-Burke also said that the students and faculty in the Art department are honored and obliged to continue the tradition of displaying and putting student’s and faculty’s art work , because of its previous success.

If the sale is interrupted by rain, it will be postponed to Wednesday and Thursday of the following week.