CD Review – The New Pornographers

Bethany Hopkins, Bethany Hopkins, and Bethany Hopkins

The members of The New Pornographers represent a Captain Planet team of Indie power pop. With their powers combined, this group can take the noise pollution of their genre down to zero. Each Canadian member has a solo career, but this co-ed sextet has blossomed from side project, to sold-out shows under songwriter Carl “A.C.” Newman. “Twin Cinema” is a Gemini gem, although it takes a few listens to really grow on you. From the thumping, call-and-response feel of title track “Twin Cinema,” to the eerie chorus-and-trumpet finale “Stacked Crooked,” the album is both epic and light-hearted. On the release of their third album, The New Pornographers give you their all with solid rhythms, sing-along harmonies and quirky lyrics. These Planeteers really do have the power.