CD Review – “Ludacris”

Marie Albu

Ludacris’ latest “Red Light District” is an eclectic mix of his usual club anthems-the token drug ballad and some clever inventions. Some friends who join in include DMX, Nate Dogg, and Doug E. Fresh.
He collaborates with Timbaland for the most interesting song on the album, “The Potion”. My favorite track has to be “Spur of the Moment,” which is way more California than “The OC” theme song could ever be. I think we can all relate to “Pimpin’ All Over The World.” Luda not only is charming and hilarious but he hates evil republican political commentators too!
The first track “Number One Spot” features the Austin Powers theme, a play on Russell Simmons calling him a hip-hop Austin Powers during the whole Bill O’Reilly controversy. Basically the whole album is fly. Luda’s gonna be around for a long time…awww yeah.