‘Spooktacular’ bash provides scary good time

Doug Comer

Those who wanted a sober alternative to the traditionally sudsy Halloween parties of Isla Vista found a good time at the Campus Center Friday night.
The student senate organized an on-campus, alcohol-free party to provide a safe yet fun environment for students to enjoy Halloween festivities and to draw some students away from potentially bad situations in Isla Vista.
George Duarte, who operates City College’s School of Media Arts radio show, was the disk jockey with buddy Frank Ramirez, who used to DJ for UCSB radio and currently produces a hip-hop show on channel 17 called “Check It Out.”
Associated Student Body President James Carter said the party was a success and estimated that over 100 people showed up for a good time.
Available to students were cookies, candy, refreshments, ping-pong tables and a spacious dance floor, all of which students readily enjoyed.
Marcia Wright, director of Extended Opportunities Programs and Services, said that in her 20 years of working at City College she has never seen an event quite like it.
“I don’t ever remember a dance by ASB,” she said, referring to the student senate’s organization of the party. “This is a great crowd.”
The costumes of the partigoers varied from traditional types like Freddy Krueger and skeleton pajamas to some truly original ones, such as Student Senator Petra Malinova’s racy German fraulein outfit.
Karl Eklund, a film production major, described his outfit, which consisted of a flowing, crushed-velvet robe, an elegant tobacco pipe and a slick feathered hat as “pimp-a-delic.”
Nick Stewart, a global studies major, described his costume as a collection of items left over from his backyard wrestling days.
Stewart also won the ice cream eating contest, crediting his victory to having “no gag reflex.” He said he brushed ’em off using “the five moves of doom.”
“They couldn’t see the competition,” he said.
A winner of the costume contest, Rebecca Noer, a pre-law major and an international student from the island of Martinique, a French nation in the Caribbean, was dressed as the wicked queen from Sleeping Beauty and offered all who approached a bite from her apple.
The party wound down around 11 p.m., with partigoers leaving happy, sober and safe.