Testman loving life as a leader


During her freshman year of high school in Chico, California, Ruth Testman was on the roster but rarely played for her volleyball team.
Six years later, Testman is the leader of a talented City College squad that has a shot at winning league this year.
“She has a chance to play at the Division 1 level,” said coach Ed Gover, who calls Testman the spirit of the team.
“I came to Santa Barbara because my best friend was moving here,” said Testman, a liberal arts major. “I would say to myself, ‘it’s so expensive in Santa Barbara. I don’t know if I could make it on the volleyball team.’ But I followed her anyway and I guess it worked out.”
Testman is in her sixth year of volleyball, including her second here at City College.
“She likes to work hard and she really wants the team to be a team. She’s a great girl and she just wants to do well,” said Gover.
It wasn’t until last year that Testman realized her full potential. The confidence she has gained has manifested itself in her superior play this season, as she attempts to lead her team to their first league title in the past four years.
To help prepare herself for games, Testman often listens to the famous song from the “Rocky” soundtrack, “Eye Of The Tiger” by Survivor.
“That gets me geared up,” said Testman. “That or checking out the other middles and saying to myself, ‘Ha, I can beat you!'”
Last year, the sophomore middle was named to First Team All League on the strength of a league-best total in blocks. She also received the City College Coaches Award. She plans to transfer to Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo next year and trade in her Vaqueros jersey for a Mustangs fit.
Alongside her love of the game is her love for children.
“I love kids. I’m a nanny. That’s my job,” said Testman, who is the middle of three daughters.
Testman is studying to become a first grade teacher in the future. For now, she’s fun-loving number 12, the leader of one of the best City College teams in recent memory.
“It’s just really, really fun. I love my team. All the girls are fabulous and it’s something to do besides school,” said Testman with a grin. “Come see our games, they’re really exciting. Go team!”