KERRY: Homosexuality a struggle, not a choice

Marie Albu

Senator John F. Kerry also wants to recognize marriage as a bond between men and women. He has not spoken about actually outlawing homosexual marriages.
“I also believe that because we are the United States of America, we’re a country with a great, unbelievable Constitution, with rights that we afford people, that you can’t discriminate in the workplace,” said Kerry. “You can’t discriminate in the rights that you afford people.”
When asked about homosexuality being a choice as opposed to a trait present at birth, Kerry said, “I think if you talk to anybody, it’s not choice. I’ve met people who struggled with this for years, people who were in a marriage because they were living a sort of convention, and they struggled with it.”
“If sexual orientation is a choice, gays and lesbians move significantly towards legal protection under the 14th Amendment,” said Political Science teacher Joe Martorana. The 14th Amendment allows for equal protection by laws for all citizens. This protection includes protection of life, liberty, and property, which marriage fits into.
Political Science Professor, Doctor Manoutchehr Eskandari-Qajar noted that gay marriage is legal in San Francisco and Massachusetts. Meanwhile, Kerry is a Massachusetts state senator. Eskandari believed that this could be a hint of Kerry’s possible plan.
Kerry seems to be taking a “middle of the road” approach. While he believes in preserving rights, he still views marriage as a man and women relationship. The decision lies in the hands of the voter.