Futures in media offered at forum

Erin O'Neil

City College students are saturated with the incredible amount of media influenced courses offered every semester. From communication studies to mathematics, it’s nearly impossible to deny the influence of media in our classrooms and everyday lives. Movie clips and commercials flash onto classroom projector screens in an effort to portray examples rather than the old fashioned verbalized explanations. Students can relate to the images portrayed rather than trying to conceive them.
With all the extensive resources and information available to City College students, professions in media are the likely paths. There isn’t just one path though; jobs in this media-consumed time can be accessible by many roads. But how does a young college student determine which path to take?
City College’s Meet the Pros: Communications and Media Arts Career Forum is the place to start. On Oct. 27 the Business Communications Lab will host to an extravaganza of media savvy companies offering their knowledge and expertise to students interested in exploring a career in media. Professionals from local establishments in all genres of media will be featured, exhibiting information about their company and personally discussing their careers.
Sarah Hock, an instructor in the Communications Department and coordinator of the event, believes many students are taking these courses but often do not know how to apply them outside of instruction.
“It expands students learning beyond the classroom, applying it into the career world,” said Hock.
Tables and taping rooms in the lab will be categorized into different spectrums of media, concentrating on areas of expertise including entertainment, film, graphics, advertising, publishing and photography.
Hock said that students will be encouraged to ask professionals questions, in return receiving “real, practical advice”.
Speakers are scheduled to discuss their job descriptions and personal experiences. Linda Strean, managing editor for the Santa Barbara News-Press, attended the first forum last year.
Strean plans on talking about her twenty years of journalistic experience and will follow with student questions and answers.
She said she is interested in what students want to know and encourages “bringing young people into the profession because they know best what young people want to read.”
Representatives from smaller companies and educational institutions will also be present.
Joe Palladino, academic advisor for the UCSB film department is going to show City College students samples of films produced by last year’s students.
Palladino said this gives students an excellent and accurate preview instead of making an expensive decision without any previous references.
Meet the Pros will begin at 2 p.m. Various speakers, local radio disc jockeys, faculty from UCSB and Brooks, and other local representatives from the many media oriented professions will be present to give City College students a realistic glimpse of the opportunities that exist in a career in the various forms of media.