Border control or Border Chaos

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Dear Editor,

I was very much outraged at the article “Border Control or Border Chaos”. Who is this person to say that immigrants don’t pay “legal taxes” What is her definition of “Legal Taxes”? Does sales tax not count as “legal taxes”? What about the money taken from our paycheck? is that not considered “Legal Taxes”? Because if it is not, then that must mean that we are being ripped off, right? Can this author prove to the readers that there are illegal immigrants not paying taxes? Because I can prove, and so can many others, that there are illegal immigrants paying their taxes. I know people who had to pay at least $900 dollars in taxes,if not, more, and they are not legal residents.

Illegal immigrants are one of the millions of people that maintain this country. If it were not for illegal immigrants, no one would stay in good hotel rooms, no one would cook the food in restaurants, no one would pick the vegetables from the fields in the hot sun. Illegal immigrants do the things I’m sure many of us would not want to do. Would the author work at McDonalds for minimum wage? Would anyone would want to work at McDonalds for minimum wage? So if illegal immigrants take jobs from U.S citizens who need it, is is because they do not take it. So if they make the money to send to their familes, it is well deserved because they worked very hard for it. Just like any one of us.

Immigrants are not the problem to this country, ignorance is, and with that I end my letter. Next time, don’t write things you can’t prove.


Nancy Iniguez
SBCC Student