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Men’s baseball beats Hancock

The baseball team beat the Hancock Bulldogs twice last week, earning the never-say-die Vaqueros a 17-13 record overall and 9-11 in conference play.

The Vaqs faced the Bulldogs first on a sweltering April 24 at Pershing Park. The smell of scorched meat on grills filled the air as City College won an exciting 10-9 victory in the afternoon heat, wearing out one pitcher after another.

“I can’t be more pleased with the type of win it was,” said Coach Teddy Warrecker. “They could’ve given up, but they kept fighting back.”

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Pitcher Brok Butcher sat out the game because of a knee injury, so Justin Aspegren started the game for the Vaqs.

Hancock’s Eric Bowman hit a two-run homer in the second inning. This was followed by six runs led by Bulldog pitcher Todd Nelson of the in the top of the fourth.

Aspegren was visibly tired and the coach called a timeout. Coach Teddy Warrecker said he talked to Aspegren about being effective.

“He beat himself today,” Warrecker said.

Aspegren was replaced by Josh Berrington.

The Vaqs were in deep, with the Bulldogs holding an 8-point lead to the Vaqs’ zero.

Then, the fans began to rally. And the team followed suit.

The Vaqs got back in the game, knocking in four runs in the bottom of the fourth.

Aspegren made out better as a designated hitter, bringing in Jordon Ballard who stole second and third.

The Vaqs kept the Bulldogs’ score steady at 8, denying them any runs in the fifth, and Levi Olson stole home in the bottom of the fifth, driving the Vaqs’ score up to five.

They scored another two runs in the seventh before bringing in yet another pitcher for the eighth.

Danny Graybill opened the eighth but was soon replaced by Ryan Kelly. The Bulldogs still managed one run, bringing the score to 9-7 Bulldogs.

The Vaqs managed two runs in the ninth, taking the game into an extra inning.

The Bulldogs failed to score and the Vaqs emerged victorious 10-9 after three and a half hours of ball playing.

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