Campus Center improvements long overdue

Wow. East Campus is buzzing.

Some of the huge increase in human traffic on the east side of campus could be attributed to the newly re-furbished Campus Center, which is looking pretty snazzy.

For the first time in memory, there are people sitting in the Campus Center chairs, in the lobby, hanging out, reading books, eating and generally using the the area for what it was intended.

And those are some very expensive chairs.

A student hub if you will, where students can do all the things students like to do when they are not in class, and from a student point of view, we think it’s great.

The cafeteria is looking very good also thanks to their remodel, and the prospect of the planned Cyber Center in the foyer sounds like it’s just the lift that area needs.

Technology to allow students to use their laptops there, with WiFi access, and seating to allow for you to sit at a computer while sipping away on that mocha.

WiFi, which stands for wireless fidelity, would allow you to walk up, set down your laptop and be instantly connected to the internet. No cables, no modems, no logging on, it will be ready to go. The technology is not in place yet, but it has been promised by fall, and that sounds pretty good to us.

The improvements have been in the works for a while now, and thanks to a few members of administration who believe that the campus center should be for students, it’s getting there.

This remodel means that when you are waiting for class, or having just got out of class, or even just hanging around, there is a place on East Campus you can now go where it does not feel like a ghost town.

The Channels for one has been advocating for years about making the campus center more student-friendly, and its nice to know our voice has not gone unheard.

Apparently there are plans to have bands playing in the lounge area, and even more work is being done to keep the students interested while they are on campus, such as vending machines and arcade games.

Not to sound in any way ungrateful, but it’s about time. We at the channels would just like to thank and congratulate all involved with the remodel of the campus center, because it really has given the whole college a facelift in terms of student activity.

Of course, West Campus is now looking a little dull.