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Columnist opens up about mother’s cancer diagnosis

Caleb Severson, Staff Writer

December 6, 2019

“Hey, come sit down, we need to talk.”  I immediately circled through all the possible things I could be in trouble for.  I hadn’t heard my parents use that tone since I was sent to the principal’s office in 7th grade.  I sat down with no clue o...

A golden girl in a pink world; Living through childhood cancer


October 21, 2016

In 2011 I began third quarter at a new school. Within a month my dad and stepmom had divorced. Within three, I was diagnosed with cancer. I was 15. “You have Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Disease,” said Dr. Chao. “It’s a type of cancer. Your hair will fall out…...

‘Nanoscience in Society’ class hosts professional from the field

MICHAEL BUESCH, Channels Staff

March 26, 2016

A scientist from NanoString Technologies shared her experiences working in her field with City College’s “Nanoscience in Society” class on Friday. Dr. Lynell Skews provided students in the Physical Science Class 107 with...

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