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Vaqueros lose to Ventura College, though remain tied for 1st in WSC

Bethany Davenport
Vaqueros teammates celebrate point scored by Brooke Alexander (center-right) on Nov. 3 in the Sports Pavilion at City College in Santa Barbara, Calif. Alexander is a City College freshman from Corona, Calif.

The Vaqueros women’s volleyball team was defeated against Ventura College on Friday, Nov. 3 with a total of four sets in the match and a final score of 3-1.

Energy was quickly brought to the first match by the Vaqueros; players were communicating and running through plays. Outside hitter Neveah Tillet showed dominance throughout the entire first set. Returning a spike from the opposite end, Tillet hit the ball over the net with full force, hitting the inside of the service line.

As the first set continued, the aggression was spread amongst both teams, while the score continued to get tight as the last points were approaching. The ball was moving fast while the crowd tried their best to keep up. 

Outside player Heidi Collins brought the heat with other outsider player Kira Little as the score was brought to 9-19. Little set the ball about ten feet in the air as Collins ran to her left, spiking the ball over the net. As the game went on, Collins completed this play scoring almost ten points in total for the match. 

City College Vaqueros cheer on their teammates from the sidelines during their match against Ventura College Pirates on Nov. 3 in the Sports Pavilion at City College in Santa Barbara, Calif. The Vaqueros are in a tie for first place in the WSC Conference with one game left. (Bethany Davenport)

The first set ended in a loss for the Vaqueros, with a score of 10-25. As the second set went into play, the Vaqueros maintained their energy, taking the lead, keeping a smooth rally for as long as they could. Collins and setting player Natalie Lercari-Sullivan continued to use each other throughout the entire second set.

Lecari-Sullivan gradually set the ball, creating the perfect play for Collins. Collins continued to run this play, helping the Vaqueros gain almost five points in a row. Unfortunately, this play wasn’t enough to win the second set against Ventura with the final score of the second set being 24-21. 

The third set began with a crowd howling serve by libero player Gabby Russell, sending the ball over the net and landing on the inside of the service line. The set went on and the Vaqueros continued to bring the energy while Ventura started to slow down. 

City College Sophomore Gabby Russell smiles as she receives gifts from her teammates on Sophomore Night on Nov. 3 at the Sports Pavilion on East Campus in Santa Barbara, Calif. Russell is one of the team’s co-captains. (Bethany Davenport)

Collins continued to show off her domination throughout the whole third set. The crowd cheered as Collins gained points back to back. The Vaqueros’ defense line was outstandingly present. Russell gained two aces in a row when serving for the third set. The set ended in a win for the Vaqueros, with a score of 25-22.

This win brought both teams to a fourth set, setting expectations high. Ventura started off strong, keeping possession of the ball for about four minutes. Middle back player for the Vaqueros, Alexis Zevenbergen and setter Sophie Ward constructed a wall against the net, stopping the ball from flying over.

Sophomore Alexis (Birdie) Zevenberg launches herself for the ball in her last at home game with the Vaqueros on Nov. 3 in the Sports Pavilion at City College in Santa Barbara, Calif. Zevenberg is one of seven sophomores on the Vaqueros that were honored for Sophomore Night. (Bethany Davenport)

Ward achieved three aces from her powerful serves in set four, creating a score of 10-8 with the Vaqueros in the lead. The score was kept close for the entirety of the game, driving the crowd crazy. Ventura kept a high streak as the final point was approaching. The Vaqueros began to wearout as Ventura prepared for game point.

“We have so much energy, but we always seem to get so scrappy,” Collins said as she tried to catch her breath on the sideline. “We just aren’t executing like we should be.”

Ventura defeated the Vaqueros in the fourth and final match with a score of 25-17. The Vaqueros ended with a loss, winning one out of four sets.

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