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INS keeping students away

Tamara Afzoud, Channels Contributor, Tamara Afzoud, Channels Contributor, and Tamara Afzoud, Channels Contributor

November 20, 2003

City College is facing a possible 30 percent decrease i n international students compared to last year, because foreign students find life cheaper, easier and friendlier in Canada and England than in the United States."Students have a certain ...

Turnovers plague hoopsters in Tip-Off tourney

Erick Crocker, Channels Contributor, Erick Crocker, Channels Contributor, and Erick Crocker, Channels Contributor

November 20, 2003

With a new look, the City College women's basketball team opened a new season with a 75-62 loss to Imperial Valley College at the City College Tip Off Invitational Friday night in the Sports Pavilion.Although the team dropped to...

Punks: We’re normal people, too

Sam Oakley, Sam Oakley, and Sam Oakley

November 20, 2003

Discrimination is one of those words that everyone just throws out every time they don't get their way, but I can't help but feel that I am being discriminated against all the time.Not discriminated against because of my face, or ...

Sculpture exhibit opens at Atkinson

November 20, 2003

The Atkinson Gallery hosts a reception Friday for "The Empty and the Filled/Lo Vacio y lo LLeno," an exhibit of works by sculptor Isabel Barbuzza."This exhibition and Isabel Barbuzza are great examples of the success which can come ...

Pots, prints for sale in Campus Center

November 20, 2003

The art department's annual pot and print sale, featuring work by ceramics and printmaking students, will be held on Dec. 1 and 2 in the Campus Center. "We find that students are willing to place their very own creations in th...

Embarrassed to be an American

Ben Hinton, Ben Hinton, and Ben Hinton

November 20, 2003

Sporting skin-tight Wranglers, an "Everything's Bigger In Texas" shirt and cowboy boots, the American raises his voice above the crowd to tell the Frenchman next to him how the United States saved his country during World War Tw...

Coverage of IV party scene stereotypical, one-sided

November 20, 2003

Editor, The Channels In response to the editorial "Responsibility" in the November 5th edition of The Channels, I would like to say a few words on the polarity between the two conflicting views brought up in that editorial. The ...

Funny accents charm, delight in holiday tale

Sam Oakley, Associate Editor, Sam Oakley, Associate Editor, and Sam Oakley, Associate Editor

November 20, 2003

"Love Actually" is the latest offering from the batch of romantic comedies that seem to float across the pond at Christmas time, and as much as you want to hate this one as you wanted to hate the others, "Love Actually" delivers a ...

Coffee cart perking up caffeine fans

Amelia Bechtel, Staff Writer, Amelia Bechtel, Staff Writer, and Amelia Bechtel, Staff Writer

November 20, 2003

Coffee, Java, cup o' joe, espresso, whatever it is called it is what keeps students up until 3 a.m. cramming for a midterm. It is also what wakes them up that morning for their 8 a.m. class. "You drink it to wake up and that's i...

Porn king makes girls go wild

Barbie O'Dowd, Barbie O'Dowd, and Barbie O'Dowd

October 22, 2003

Parents may soon be receiving notification of their student's alcohol related arrests becasue of concern over a student-run web site, which has undergone intense scrutiny from parents, college officials and the Sherrif's Departme...

Policy lets teachers speak out

Mangai Pitchai, Mangai Pitchai, and Mangai Pitchai

October 22, 2003

The Academic Senate recently adopted the Policy on Academic Freedom reiterating principles of academic freedom and extending the right to free speech to electronic communication. The senate unanimously adopted the policy, still pe...

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