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Column – Sun will not set on this British soccer empire

Michael Mebratu and Michael Mebratu

November 4, 2009

The people of England have suffered enough, ranging from goals disallowed, to red-cards, and to penalty misses in vital moments. But this time around, it seems like the England national soccer team can finally rest their disarrays...

Editorial – BYOB: Be Your Own Boss

Channels Staff and Channels Staff

October 20, 2009

For many people, being their own boss is the definition of the American dream. But it's the few people who have the vision and the drive to make that dream a reality. People need opportunities and resources to gain experience...

Column – Collegewide chaos solved

Kenny Lindberg and Kenny Lindberg

October 20, 2009

We are at an impasse, people. A critical issue has come before us. An issue that must be quickly rectified, or it will continue to confuse students, hinder college success, and jeopardize the future and modernization of this...

Column – Searching the world for that one perfect city

Sofia Gjerstad, Sofia Gjerstad, and Sofia Gjerstad

October 8, 2009

Before I fall asleep I usually think about when I will find the place where I belong. And where in the world that place will be? It might sound like a clichéd philosophical question, but I am certain most college students...

Jon and Kate, I sure do hate

Jon Marx, Jon Marx, and Jon Marx

October 6, 2009

It seems these days the news is becoming less about news, and more about celebrity nonsense, as I like to call it. From breakups to breakdowns, that little ticker on the bottom of national news broadcasts usually offers some...

There are some offers you should refuse

Oscar Gutierrez, Oscar Gutierrez, and Oscar Gutierrez

October 6, 2009

When my mother and father oddly asked me to eat dinner with them one night, I couldn't have imagined it would become a dinner I'd never forget. My dad began to ask how school was going, I gave the generic, "OK." Then he...

Letter to the editor

Emily Harrington, Emily Harrington, and Emily Harrington

September 23, 2009

Extinguishing Misleading Allegations In response to the 'Igniting a Call to Action' editorial allow me to clarify the biased and unprofessional allegations that were directed at myself and the Student Senate. Firstly, and most...

Hardest life lessons learned unexpectedly

Will Mullen, Will Mullen, and Will Mullen

September 22, 2009

There are some dates that will always leave an indelible mark in society's collective conscience. Sept. 11, 2001, is one of them, Nov. 22, 1963, is another, and Dec. 7, 1941, will "live in infamy," as President Roosevelt put it....

Cheating leads to achieving

Gabriel Cabello

August 30, 2009

In a country where we are encouraged to be all that we can be, for some people being all that they can just isn't enough. At least it's not enough for them when playing by the rules. After all, why follow the pack when you...

Editor in chief’s farewell: Pulling teeth and working magic

Rhys Alvarado

May 12, 2009

Talk about a job that nearly drove me crazy. From reporters giving me deadline excuses to the editors who never seemed to get to work on time, now that I've survived The Channels, I know I can survive any workplace. Working ...

Lowering the drinking age

Hannah Greenberg

May 7, 2009

Why let soiled blouses and bar brawls ruin Saturday night's party? Instead, let them stimulate an informed discussion on binge drinking on college campuses, and the legal drinking age. The former president of Middlebury College , John McCardell, believes t...

Column – Investigating male mating habits in nightclubs

Michelle J. Wong

April 30, 2009

I don't know what to make of this anomaly, but something happens to people when they enter a dance club. Their conversations become arbitrary, and make sense only in their drunken, high-decibel microcosm, where they bust seizure-like...

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