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An Orwellian world activated through your electronics

MAC WALBY, Associate Editor

March 27, 2015

In the 1940s, George Orwell wrote in his novel “1984” about a brutal, authoritarian dictatorship that used technology to watch and listen in on the citizens of Oceania. He imagined a world where people constantly lived...

US must come to grips with all religions, not just Christianity

SAVANNA MESCH, Associate Editor

March 20, 2015

Sometimes it feels like the only thing that separates some Americans from the 1950s is knowing how to use a smartphone. Earlier this month, the Idaho Senate opened with a Hindu invocation instead of a Christian prayer. This...

Studying abroad should be more accessible for American students


February 27, 2015

Studying abroad can be one of the greatest experiences in the lives of young people. Being able to see a different culture and become immersed in a whole new world can be scary, yet thrilling at the same time. Young people...

Student apathy and distraction

GRADY OLSON, Channels Staff

February 6, 2015

With every new semester comes the autopilot questions to classmates that you haven’t seen in a while. “How was your break, did you go home?” Followed by the copilot response of “it was good, I went home for a little,...

Express to Success Program awarded top in Nation

JESSICA MACIAS, Channels Staff

October 13, 2014

City College’s Express to Success Program (ESP) was awarded the title as the nation’s top program for increasing achievement for Latino students at the associate degree level on Sept. 30. The goal of the program is to ge...

Police threaten protesters with excessive militarized power


September 12, 2014

Live tweets and viral videos that depicted a state of unrest flooded every newsfeed. It looked like war had broken out in Middle America. In Ferguson, Missouri, the police’s response to “hands up, don’t shoot” was warfare-banned tear gas and open shots into the crowd. After the shooting of unarmed, 18-year-old Michae...

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