Krystle Farmer platform

Krystle Farmer, Student Advocate

Hello to all my fellow Santa Barbara City College Students. My name is Krystle Farmer and I am a returning first year college student here at Santa Barbara City College.

Krystle Farmer, running for student advocate.
Isabelle Sinibaldi
Krystle Farmer, running for student advocate.

I am running for the Student Advocate position in ASG, and that is because I am passionate about standing up for those who do not always feel comfortable standing up themselves, because I was once that student. The overlooked student, the only African-American woman in all my classes, the student that was told I would never amount to anything, the student that was silenced, shown no support, and was told over and over again that I was not smart. Now at the age of 26, and a single mother of two, I stand here today believing in myself more than I ever imagined I would. My hope is to continue to share my story and lend support to any other students that may feel like I once did, by creating a better campus climate and advocating for marginalized students and student groups. My plan is to first address the concerns of these student’s/student groups, and put plans into place that help create more safe spaces and allow for marginalized students and student groups to have a platform here at SBCC. I have already started doing some of this work as a student worker with the Student Equity Committee, The Student Equity Coalition, I am also Vice President of the Black Student Union, and I do a lot of community organizing as well {Black Lives Matter, and etc.). I hope that you strongly consider me as a candidate for your Student Advocate for ASG. I promise to wholeheartedly represent the underrepresented, and shine light on issues that often get ignored because doing this work is what I love to do.