SBCC Spring Dance Collective to showcase student choreography


City College students will perform at the upcoming Spring Dance Collective with ten performances from student and guest choreographers.

Carisa Carroll: “You get to know the person; you get to know how they move, how they act, how they respond, how their body moves, and how they can really come into themselves, into the piece, and as a whole, be in one mindset.”

The Collective, directed by Tracy Kofford and co-choreographed with dance instructor Brooke Melton, will perform at the New Vic Theatre with eight City College led performances, and two guest performances from the Thatcher Dance Academy, and Los Olivos Dance Gallery.

Tracy Kofford: “That’s what we go for. We invite different people in to choreograph, to bring in their own specific skills that Brooke or myself don’t have, so we bring outside people in, so that it gathers a wider audience, and gives people more to watch and more to think about.”

Kaycee Jannino: “The choreographers are so artistic and creative and they could potentially be famous one day. They’re growing choreographers, growing artists, growing performers… you never know where you’re going to see these people in 10, 20 years.”

Every minute of choreography takes one hour of practice, with an accumulation of over 200 hours.

Carisa Carroll: “There’s a really intriguing piece, where the women never leave the stage. It’s on and off, the lights, the action… it’s very athletic, dance-y, passionate, and sensual. I think it’s going to be a real crowd pleaser.”

A newly added Gala event at the end of opening night will let dancers’ friends and family celebrate the performance. The dancers have been preparing since September of last year, with added practices as the Collective nears.

Tracy Kofford: “I think there’s a lot of variety in the movement, in the style. [The show] is contemporary and modern. This year, we don’t have any ballet, but we have a hip-hop piece. Not too much lyrical jazz this year… But I think mostly, there’ll be something for everyone in that it will connect emotionally to people.”

The Collective will be from 7 to 9 p.m., Thursday March 24 through Saturday March 26, at the New Vic Theater. Preordered tickets are $17 apiece, and $22 at the door.