Women’s Volleyball: Vaqueros halted by Moorpark

Sebastian Noren

Vaquero Women’s volleyball was coming off two straight wins, but their short-lived streak ended at home Friday, when the Moorpark College Raiders won in four sets (25-20, 25-21, 18-25, 25-19).

The Vaqueros are now 3-9 overall and 1-1 in the Western State Conference.

Head coach Ed Gover pointed out the passing game as the Achilles heel in the match.

“We still have breakdowns,” Gover said. “Sometimes we stop passing as a team, and just pass as individuals.”

Moorpark took an early grip on the first game as they opened a 6-2 lead. The lethal Moorpark offense punctured the Vaquero defense, and at 10-3, Gover called for a timeout.

After some fine serving by City College outside hitter Jessica Tune, the Vaqs came back with a six point streak to make it 13-10, which forced Moorpark coach Steve Burkhart to call a timeout.

Tune was the strongest offensive weapon for the Vaqueros with 10 kills in the match.

“We had some bad runs, but we will get better,” Tune said.

City College tried to fight their way back into the game, but Moorpark increased their lead to five points at 19-14, when Gover called for another timeout.

Moorpark kept the hold of their lead and won the first game 25-20.

The Vaqueros opened up the second game with effective offense, which helped them cruise to a 9-4 lead. Both teams were sloppy with the serves, giving the other team easy points. Moorpark tried to get back within striking distance, but too many unforced errors prevented them from getting close.

Midway through the second game, the Raiders started to gain momentum after a couple of errors by the City College defense, and at 17-14, Gover called for a timeout. The Raiders kept scoring and tied the game at 19 a piece, which forced Gover to call for another timeout. The timeout had little impact on the players, as Moorpark began to roll and won the second game, 25-21.

The Raiders and Vaqueros started off the third game by trading points with each other, until the Vaqs managed six unanswered to earn a 12-6 lead which forced the Raiders to call for a timeout. City College kept on pressuring the Moorpark defense leading to a high number of unforced errors in the third game.

The Vaqs increased their lead to nine points, and at 18-9, Moorpark called for another timeout. The Raiders tried hard to get back in the game, and managed to shrink the Vaquero lead to five points at 22-17. City College kept control to win the third game 25-18.

Game four started the same way as game three, with the teams getting every other point. Vaquero captain and libero Vanessa Shaw had a couple of sacrificing plays that set the tone for the Vaquero defense. Shaw had a total of 22 digs in the match.

City College gained a small hold of the game as they moved up to a three-point lead at 12-9. But a quick unanswered three points by Moorpark made it 12-12 and forced City College to call for a timeout.

The Raiders kept the momentum and got a three-point lead at 16-13. The Raiders were dominating the court, and at 17-13, the Vaqueros called for another timeout. Moorpark managed to keep control, winning game four 25-19.

City College is set to play the Ventura College Pirates at 7 p.m. Friday in the Sports Pavilion.