Incident report-Big week for burglars

Julie Walker, Julie Walker, and Julie Walker

Other incidents that happened last week are:

September 2

Security discovered that a window had been broken in one of the IDC classrooms. At first nothing was reported missing but as soon as the instructor arrived it was discovered that a LCD television valued at $2,450 and around $717 of equipment was missing. There are no suspects at this time.

September 3

A Hispanic male approached a female student in parking lot 2-A. Security reported that he pulled his pants down and masturbated while running towards her. The woman got into her car and drove away before he could reach her. This man has not been identified.

September 3

A student started eating his food in line at the cafeteria when he got to the register he realized he had no money. Student was lightly reprimanded and had a friend pay the $3.90 he owed.

September 7

A man harassed a female security officer who was working at La Playa Stadium. The man started out with friendly conversation but then changed to uncomfortably sexual topics. The man had a similar description to another sexual harassment case that happened earlier that week. Campus security advises students to be aware of their surroundings especially when walking around campus at night.

September 10

An auto burglary was reported at around 5 p.m. The window of a car was smashed in parking lot 2C. The car was towed and the owner was contacted. She discovered that her laptop, iPod, Nikon camera, and purse that contained her credit card, ID, and cash had been stolen. Students are encouraged not to leave valuables in their cars especially in clear sight.

September 11

A camera was stolen out of a Physical Education classroom. The camera was left alone for around seven minutes when the instructor left the class to get his students. He had been using it right before he left and when he returned it was gone. No one was seen coming down the hallway when the instructor left. There are no suspects in this case.