Incident report: Dodge Neon catches fire in lot

Ariel Seth

The following are entries from Santa Barbara City College’s Campus Security incident logs.

Feb. 19 About $540 was stolen in the HRC Cashier’s Office sometime between Feb. 14 and Feb.19. At this time, there are no suspects.

Feb. 20 Security received a report regarding harassment of a student through a computer. The student reported “disturbing messages” were left on her computer login for her accounting class. Security has not found the individual at this time.

Feb. 20 A student acted inappropriately towards his teacher in an English class. The student was referred for student discipline.

Feb. 26 Security was informed that money had been stolen from a faculty’s office, Earth & Biological Sciences, Room 306. The instructor reported that on Feb.25, he discovered an envelope containing between $300 and $400 was missing from his desk drawer. There are no suspects at this time.

Feb. 29 Security received a call about students possibly smoking marijuana in the LifeScape gardens on East Campus. Security arrived at the scene, and no substances were found in the area. The students were warned drugs were illegal, and they left cooperatively. March 2 A student reported that her wallet was stolen from her backpack on Feb. 29. She left her backpack unattended in her classroom. Inside her wallet were three credit cards, a Blockbuster card, her driver’s license and her health insurance card.

March 3 A student’s vehicle caught fire in the 2C parking lot on West Campus. The student had started the car and noticed a fire starting under the hood. The Santa Barbara City Fire Department responded and extinguished the fire. No injuries or additional property damage were reported.

March 4 A City College security officer noticed a student parking her car in a disabled parking space on campus. After checking the disabled placard, the officer discovered that it did not belong to the student. The student was unaware that she could not use the card if it wasn’t hers.