Security incident report

Lisa Medina

From disruptive behavior to harassment on school campus, this is a record of a few incidents that took place from this past summer to the present.

Aug. 29
A male student harassed a female student outside of the Campus Center on East Campus by following her to her class. He waited outside her class, and threw himself on her as she walked out when the class finished. She struggled out of her backpack to escape. The suspect was persistent and continued to follow her to the bus and then to where she had parked her car. After the female student made her report, the male student said to the security officer that he felt like he needed to move away because he was embarrassed of his actions.

Sept. 11
A 27-year-old male student was reported riding his bike through the third floor of the Humanities Building. He was told several times that he was not allowed to ride his bike in the school hallway. The male student replied that he did not see any signs around and did not see why it was a problem.

Sept. 12
The Cashier’s Office received a letter in the mail regarding a payment for a parking ticket was issued to a student. The words “Fake Street” were written as the street name on the return address. Inside the envelope was his citation. An obscenity was written on the citation in bold capital letters. An enclosed $40-check to pay the ticket also had an obscenity written in the memo.

In an event that entails a high security alert, a Timely Warning will be posted campus-wide. This alert will let students know that a crime took place on campus. It will have contact information on how to get a hold of security. Of course if there is an emergency call 911. The Santa Barbara Police department may be reached at (805) 897-2300 and Santa Barbara City College Security may be reached at (805) 730-4200. These numbers should be programmed in your cell phone.