Romo’s contract renewed

Chris Cadelgo, Chris Cadelgo, and Chris Cadelgo

Based on his performance, Superintendent-President John Romo received a four-year contract extension on Thursday by the Board of Trustees.

“He has done an exceptional job,” said Trustee President Dr. Kay Alexander. “When we took him on he had no experience. Now he’s an experienced CEO.” The new contract will pay him $175,669 over the 2005-2006 school years. The board approved a five percent raise in June, which applies to all full-time faculty, classified staff and administrators.

“I am very pleased from a personal perspective,” said Romo, referring to the trustees’ positive verbal evaluation, which was followed by the contract offer. “The college is going in a good direction and I am certainly proud of the last three years here.”

Romo said his main goal for the future, as it has always been, is to include the Academic Senate and Student Senate in the college’s decision-making process, called shared governance.

In an environment where people don’t feel comfortable to talk, it’s hard to get things done, Romo said. This way if people disagree, they won’t be apprehensive to speak up.

He’s committed to bringing a large number of people together, said Trustee Joyce Powell. “He’s worked to ensure that the decisions on campus are spread out equally,” added Alexander. “He’s made it possible for people of the college to bring things to the table so they’re not functioning as rubber stamps.”

The four-year agreement is somewhat of an “act of faith on both sides,” said Powell. Four years is the typical shelf-life of a college president.

“Four-year contracts are considered long-term in this field, Powell said. “I am just glad it’s finished. John will be with us for the long-haul.”