Mayor: Blum gets another four years

Maria Pintado and Maria Pintado

Santa Barbara voters re-elected Mayor Marty Blum, who won over her chief rival, Lanny Ebenstein, by more than 25 percent.

The election results show Blum received 59.21 percent of the votes. Her challengers Ebenstein pulled in 33.97 percent. Matthew Kramer got 4 percent of the votes while Bill Hackett and Leo Heimaugh received 1 percent.

“I think that Santa Barbara has many important issues to tackle in the future and I wish Marty the best of luck,” said Ebenstein.

“I am very excited because the people have been very supportive in such a big way,” Blum said. In her campaign, Blum focused on community issues like adding a carpool lane to Highway 101, between Ventura County and Milpas Street, building more low income housing, building a commuter rail, and making the community environmentally sustainable. She also assured that parking at City College is necessary, but should not take away from the green of the city.

“Santa Barbara is a wonderful city and it’s only going to get better,” Blum said. She asserted in her statement of candidacy that she has worked for a publicly accessible city government with strong city services, yet there is more to be done. By being re-elected, Blum will get to see the end results of these projects.

“I’m going to be able to accomplish things that haven’t been finished yet,” said Blum.

Blum’s chief opponent Ebenstein, an educator and economist who has always lived the community, focused his campaign on widening Highway 101, improving the management of taxpayers money, reducing deficit spending, and a better cooperation between the city and educa tional institutions. He asserts that the city budget is out of control and the city is on the road to insolvency, which he says must change.

“I was very pleased with the campaign,” said Ebenstein, who remained at his home after the election results. “I think that Santa Barbara has many important issues to tackle in the future and I wish Marty the best of luck.”

Blum attracted a gathering at the County Clerks Office when she arrived, and was all smiles after seeing the opening results. She left early to make her own party, but not before doing a little dance on the stairs of the Clerks Office.

Blum celebrated her re-election at the restaurant Nu with friends, supporters, members of the community and blue grass music. Though Blum did not show up until about 9:30 p.m., the live music continued to rock the house and even caused Blum to nod a bit to the music.

“If you don’t do anything wrong, the voters won’t turn you out, and Marty Blum hasn’t done anything wrong,” said Allan Glitterman, a Marty Blum supporter.

John Kay, a City College political science professor, said before the election results were in that Blum and Ebenstein were committed to a better town, knowledgeable, and they both have the town’s best interest at heart.