Cost-cutting eating tips

Ariel Cohen, Ariel Cohen, and Ariel Cohen

Ever find yourself standing at the end of a seemingly endless line, most likely screaming to your best friend something along the lines of “I’m so drunk right now!”

There is a good chance you were in the middle of the craziness known as Isla Vista. A town several college students call home.

Now it was almost two in the morning waiting in line, most likely for town’s most famous fast food restaurant, Freebirds.

Freebirds’ burritos are notorious for their gigantic, drool-worthy portions, as well as their pricey costs. I know I’ve woken up more than once barely remembering the haze of a previous night, only to realize my wallet is empty because of a late night Freebirds run.

Now easy access restaurants for students, like Freebirds and Silvergreens, are raising prices and changing menus.

Why are they raising prices? A few simple changes on the business end of these restaurants can answer that question. Silvergreens manager Ron Gliberman says in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, caused a 17 percent raise in oil prices. Silvergreens depends on this oil daily. Freebirds manager Kevin Guerrero says that after their raise in prices, there has been some losses while others don’t care. These local restaurants don’t have much of a choice other than to raise prices.

So what is a poor college student to do when the craving for munchies kicks in?

Well, if you do not have enough money or you are still too sober and unwilling to make the ten to fifteen minute walk with your stumbling friends, only to end up spending nearly ten dollars, there are some alternatives.

Pita Pit, another close and easy access fast food joint that serves healthier food, is open late. Instead of spending a little under ten dollars, you will probably leave after spending around six. Plus you will be given the chance to take a break from that excessive amount of quality time you love spending with your toilet.

Super Cucas is much closer to Del Playa and further away from the police station. Although it is not open 24 hours like Freebirds, the servings are equal and the prices are much more reasonable.

There is one more alternative, which I find to be most convenient, effective, and money saving.

Costco is the ultimate supermarket we have all come to love. It is a soccer mom’s grocery heaven and a college student’s savior.

I find myself shopping at Costco every couple weeks and it has consistently saved me money and time. Instead of taking a trip to the fast food place, I can walk less than ten feet to my refrigerator.

The idea is to plan ahead. Do not stop eating burritos and sandwiches all together because every single person in I.V. knows there is no possible way it is going to happen. Just try to plan a time to go shopping with a roommate or friend. Split the cost and enjoy the sweet smell of cash still sitting in your pocket.

These alternatives are not ones every single person is going to take into account. But if you have any sense of money, I can almost guarantee you are already thinking about it.