CD Review Mickey Avalon

John Stark, John Stark, and John Stark

“Who that dude in a black sedan with two cheap hookers and a Mexican?” There’s not much out there quite like Mickey Avalon. Rapping about turning tricks, plastic chicks and his dick, Avalon’s out-there style is born and bred from the Los Angeles club scene.

The beats are funky as the self-proclaimed junkie spits lyrics dripping with wit and irony.

His whine-like delivery sets him apart from any emcee out there now as he guides you through the seedy underbelly of life in Hollywood. The standout tracks include “So Rich, So Pretty,” “Jane Fonda,” “Mr. Right,” and “My Dick.” If you’re into electro dance beats, twangy guitar samples and drug culture music then this is the album for you. This could be the future of Hip-Hop. Go out by the album and get ready for an audible experience guaranteed to make you trip.