Borlaug sets senate goals high

Nick Mukhar and Nick Mukhar

Associated student body president Eric Borlaug does not like large crowds, which is good considering last year’s turnout for the presidential elections.

Many remember Borlaug because of his signature green hat, which served as his campaign gimmick during last year’s run for president.  

“I tend to forget names, so I wanted people to be able to recognize me by something,” he said of his cap strategy.

Roughly 17,000 students enrolled at SBCC last semester, and 180 participated in voting for ASB President. Borlaug received 172 of the votes tallied,which made him the most popular choice.

A self-proclaimed “left-winger,” or liberal, Borlaug was in student government in high school and has been a member of the senate since fall of ’05.

Borlaug is the first of five cousins to study arts, rather than engineering and has animated discussions with his brother over the two fields.  

“My brother and I debate over who contributed more to society, Shakespeare or Newton,” said Borlaug. “One time I got so mad when we were living together that I went to spend the night at a friend’s house.”

Jessica Schley, second year member of the student senate, shares City College’s love for Borlaug.

“He has a great sense of humor and makes light of potentially heavy situations,” Schley said. “He still takes the senate and his position seriously, especially shared governance.”

Due to scheduling conflicts, Borlaug was initially not able to join Senate.

“I told him that the meeting times changed and got him to senate. He wouldn’t have joined if we hadn’t met,” Schley said with a smile.   

When asked about his favorite political figure, Borlaug answered former president Bill Clinton, whom he called, “the most charismatic politician of our time period.”  

Schley had a different reaction. “Donald Trump without the toupee,” she said. “He would enjoy his own T.V. show and telling people they’re fired.”

There will be no reason to utter Trump’s signature phrase to Borlaug if he is successful in his goal of making the senate more reputable.

 “I want to fill all 24 senate seats for the first time,” he said. The senate currently has 12 seats filled and has never had more than 18.

As an English literature major, Borlaug plans to transfer to The Eugene Lang New School of Liberal Studies.

“Grammatical incorrectness makes me cringe,” he laughed.  “I hate it when people say supposebly.”

“Good leaders are those who love to be in charge, and Eric loves to be in charge,” said senate co-member Schley. Good leaders also fear nothing.

“I am fearless and fierce,” said Borlaug, supposably.