CD Review – She Wants Revenge

Scott Richardson

She Wants Revenge is the name of the band and the new album. My first thought when I heard them play was-Violent Femmes meets Depeche Mode. They play alternative rock, reminiscent of the eighties, and will definitely make an impact on the charts. The band first appeared on and found a loyal fan base. Now, they are in bed with Geffen records. The label should be pleased with the number of iTunes downloads and Internet pre-orders the album got even before hitting the shelves yesterday. She Wants Revenge has recently played on Jimmy Kimmel Live, are on tour right now in Southern California, and Joaquin Phoenix is directing the video for their first single titled, “Tear You Apart.”
You will definitely see them around this year. They may be an acquired taste. The band has a darker side, but they are just talented musicians making great music.