CD Review-Beck

Johanna Mikkelä

Three-time Grammy award winner Beck released his pop, rock and punk album “Guero” on March 23. It’s an album full of heavy beats. A party atmosphere that reminds of the Beastie Boys added to an original sound and flow.
The album’s first song “E-pro” offers up guitar riffs and funky drumbeats. “Rental Car,” is a laid-back summer song and track three, “Girl,” is a great pop song that starts with contagious blips I can’t resist. It’s my favorite track on the album. Los Angeles’ Beck Hansen had his big breakthrough with the single “Loser.”
Beck can also be heard in the recent hit movie “Along came Polly” with his song “Lost cause.” It’s clear now that Beck is married and a father. He’s made a fun album, different from the bittersweet “Sea Change” in which he reflects upon a break-up. “Guero” is a brilliant choice for long distance car rides.