Nava beats Pohl, keeps 35th Democratic

DAVID YRIARTE (Channels Contributor)

Pedro Nava is to replace termed-out Assemblymember Hannah-Beth Jackson, after defeating opponent Bob Pohl in the race for the 35th Assembly District on Tuesday.
“I know he is going to fight for us all,” Jackson said.
Nava, a healthcare attorney, is well known in the community for his involvement in environmental, educational, and political issues.
Nava along with Jackson and Lois Capps, congresswoman of the 23rd district, spoke with Nava supporters that ranged from first time voters to the elderly at the Democratic election night party.
“I endorse him and I hope it turns out well,” Capps said.
Nava said he will fight for environmental issues, affordable healthcare, and education. He said his plans are to let educators know how much they can spend and to introduce a bill that would give teachers the tax budgets they were originally guaranteed.
“I’ll make sure community colleges are funded because they are a bridge for high school students who are not ready for a 4 year college,” Nava said.
Marcelo Gerab, a City College student, also attended the Democratic election party and said he was glad that Nava won. He also said he hopes that Nava would the have the ability to remove some power from Gov. Schwarzenegger.
Nava’ opponent, Republican Bob Pohl, former School Board President, waited for election’s outcome at Dargan’s Irish Pub and Restaurant, while and other republicans awaited the results at the Republican Party gathering at Earl Warren
Show Grounds.
“(Pohl) wanted to win issue to issue, rather than personalities,” said Brian Ray, Pohl’s campaign manager.
Pohl had the support of Schwarzenegger and together they planned to fight for reform by cutting government waste, standing up to special interests, and giving more money to education.
Ray said he was impressed that some students could see that many of Nava’s political advertisements against Pohl were over exaggerated and voted for him Pohl anyway.
Both candidates spent well over a million dollars on their campaigns in the Ventura-Santa Barbara coast.
“It’s clear that special interest money that supported (Pohl) doesn’t represent what the people want,” Nava said.
Many were unable to predict the winner of the race because of both the fact that many Democrats endorsed Pohl and the controversy surrounding Nava’s campaign advertisements.
“This district has been predominantly Democratic for a quarter century and Nava was able to draw support from Democratic voters to survive,” said Fred Hofmann, a City College political science professor.
Harriet Miller, former Santa Barbara mayor, said she was one of these regular Democratic voters.
“Nava is a strong supporter of environmental issues and believes in equality,” said Miller. “He’ll be accessible and will listen to people.”