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International student concerned for City College after tuition rise

TOVA KIBAL, Channels Staff

February 10, 2017

City College raised its non-residential student tuition fee yet again after increasing over the 2015-2016 school year. I believe this was a step in the wrong direction considering City College's recent enrollment drop and the...

SBCC ends lease with Kaplan international school early

PHIL JOSEPH, Channels Staff

March 11, 2016

After nearly 15 years of partnership, Kaplan International School and City College will part ways at the end of the semester. The decision to split follows the Board of Trustees’s vote last September against extending the sch...

Studying abroad should be more accessible for American students


February 27, 2015

Studying abroad can be one of the greatest experiences in the lives of young people. Being able to see a different culture and become immersed in a whole new world can be scary, yet thrilling at the same time. Young people...

International students released from taking basic planning class

BENTE VAN ANDEL, Channels Staff

February 20, 2015

International students who plan to transfer to university are no longer required to take a personal development class at City College, starting this semester. Before their first semester at City College all international students must attend an orientation we...

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