Softball field to receive upgrades

Jon Marx

City College’s softball field at Pershing Park will be upgraded in order to comply with federal legislation and offer a safer place to play and watch the sport.

“As the head coach I’m very excited about the renovation that is going to take place,” said Paula Congleton, head coach of the women’s softball team. “It’s going to be a great facility for our female athletes.”

The softball facility will see a major overhaul after the 2010 season, which ends in May, with the cost currently totaling $365,715. Most of the upgrades being made will address problems the softball field currently has, such as the faulty drainage system and a low fence, which pose threats to spectators and players.

Congleton said that, aside from added safety to the athletes and spectators, the overhaul will be “a great recruiting tool.”

Since the fence is so low right now, a new one will prevent the issue of car’s windshields being cracked or hoods being dented by foul balls, according to the Board Facilities Committee Meeting Agenda from Aug. 24.

“Not only do we have the best school academically but athletically our facilities will echo the excellence we have here at Santa Barbara City College,” said Congleton. “Its been a longtime effort and dream.”

The renovations include $18,000 for concrete in the batting cages, $25,000 for a chain link fence around the dugout, and $35,750 for a 30-foot high backstop. Money for the renovation is being taken out of Measure V funds.