Go clubbing at UCSB

Travis Noe

UCSB provides the opportunity for City College students to compete at the club sports level, participate in a wide variety of intramural sports, and even use its athletic facilities.

City College students contribute to the success of the UCSB’s men’s rugby team, surf team, and the ultimate frisbee team. UCSB’s club programs are amongst the top in the nation, and have accumulated multi-national championships, including consecutive surfing titles in 2002 and 2003.

Club sports provide students with an opportunity to compete at a high level, and can be beneficial for students planning on transferring, as admissions offices typically support extra curricular involvement in club sports.

“It’s a great way to meet a bunch of cool guys that also love to surf,” City College student Dave Ruderman said, who competes on the UCSB surf team.

Ruderman explained that there is a winning tradition behind UCSB’s surf team, but the focus on winning and competition doesn’t discount the laid back and fun atmosphere of the sport.
“It’s a blast to just get together with a few friends from UCSB, go surfing, and get to call it practice,” Ruderman said.

The surf team has different levels based on skill, but the club is open to all members who wish to join and compete out in the water. With their line-up of surfers this year they are looking to pursue another national title.

The UCSB men’s rugby program is a popular one amongst City College students looking to play a fast and physical game. The rugby team has had a lot of success in the past, and has shared great rivalries with top schools like UCLA and Cal Poly.

“I love the game,” said rugby athlete and City College student Will Stober. “It’s so competitive, but we’re able to have fun with it too.”

Stober and teammate Andrew Bartlett explained that the camaraderie with their UCSB teammates makes it worth going to practice every day.

“Playing a club sport is great because it’s serious enough to be competitive, but there isn’t too much pressure,” said Bartlett.
City College students compete on the B-Side roster of the rugby team, along with other UCSB students hoping to make the A-side team. Stober and Bartlett have been integral to the B-Side team this season.

“Developing with the program on the B-Side has given me a lot of motivation to improve and one day get to play on the A-side,” Stober said. “I definitely want to go to UCSB because of the rugby team.”

For any students interested in competing in intramural sports ranging from basketball to bowling, sign-up sheets are available at the UCSB Recreation Center. ? ? ?