The Channels Editors share their thoughts on returning to in-person


Jenna McMahon

From left, Eric Evelhoch, Kiki Reyes, Rodrigo Hernandez, Bianca Ascencio and August Lawrence, The Channels Editorial Board in front of the production board on Sep. 2, 2021, in the newsroom at City College in Santa Barbara, Calif. This is the first semester The Channels have met in-person since the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The Channels Editorial Board

The Channels is back — in-person and on campus. We’re all optimistic about returning to the newsroom and getting to physically work again within the City College community. To kick off the term, The Channels Editorial Board shares their thoughts and expectations on reporting for the upcoming in-person semester.


Rodrigo Hernandez, Editor-in-Cheif

I was a staff writer the last time I stepped foot in The Channels newsroom. Now, I am stepping back in as Editor-in-Chief. Returning to the newsroom is something that I have been yearning for this past academic year. The lively atmosphere created when working alongside your peers is like no other. Being back in person is something that would have been a make or break for me. I don’t think I could take another semester of Zoom meetings and being pent-up in my room forgetting whether or not I got a breath of fresh air that day. Safety protocols put in place have made the return to in-person classes more reassuring. Such as the vaccine mandate and the daily Healthy Roster surveys. Although we have to get festival-style bracelets every time we enter campus and wear masks indoors, it is a small inconvenience when compared to those who have been greatly impacted by this virus. While past semesters have seen a larger staff and Editorial Board, I’m confident in our team’s ability to cover campus meetings and events. When reporting this semester, my goal is to not only provide a watchful eye to the inner workings of the college but to also represent who the college ultimately serves and impacts — the students. 


Kiki Reyes, News Editor

The COVID-19 pandemic had Zoom in demand. Was anyone familiar with it before? Zoom became an essential part of communication for school, work and even surprise birthdays. However, that could never replace basic human interaction, even if we can’t see each other’s facial expressions underneath our masks. I will miss dressing in my pajamas and taking naps between classes in the comfort of my own home. But I think I’m ready to be on campus tackling breaking news as it happens. I am also looking forward to building connections with sources, community members, colleagues and my fellow editors in person. This is my second semester on The Channels. As a staff writer last semester I was interviewing sources, filming Voices projects, and learning new writing skills. I am thrilled to come back as an editor. As the newly appointed News Editor, I plan to bring my past journalism experiences and quirky personality to The Channels. I am excited to learn and listen to everyone who has a story idea or needs someone to talk to.


August Lawrence, Opinion Editor

Coming to a physical editorial position after only being online for two semesters seems daunting. For the past year, I’ve edited solely online and had no in-person interactions with anyone I’ve worked with. Staff writers, interviews and meetings that needed to be covered were all over Zoom. I’m looking forward to having physical interviews and actually taking photos of people, not Zoom screengrabs. I’m taking a photojournalism class this semester, which is exciting for me. Learning a new aspect of journalism is going to be an enjoyable challenge. I’m also returning as Opinion Editor. I hope to focus on helping my fellow Channels writers improve their writing skills and to encourage their growth as reporters. I’m excited for what this semester has to offer, and I welcome all the challenges it may bring.


Eric Evelhoch, Sports Editor

Perhaps the most exciting thing about being on campus this fall is getting the opportunity to work together with both fellow editors and the new staff writers in person. There’s already a special buzz and energy about The Channels newsroom that simply cannot be replicated by meeting “together” through a computer screen. Add in the ability to walk down to La Playa Stadium or the Sports Pavillion to interact with coaches and players while gathering interviews and watching practices will only make for a better connection in covering the return of Vaqueros sports. My goal for this semester is to go beyond game recaps by providing unique insight to special moments and highlighting the many stories about City College student-athletes who are every bit as excited to represent the red-and-black in competition as we are to write about them.


Bianca Ascencio, Arts and Entertainment Editor

The last time I was on The Channels in-person I was a writer in the Fall of 2019, this time I returned as an editor in person. After having to take last semester via Zoom, being back on campus is definitely something I am excited about. I never thought I would miss looking for parking or being out of breath climbing all the steps to class. Being a part of The Channels now for three semesters, with this being my first as an in-person editor, excites me. My plans for this semester are to be there for my fellow writers and editors so I can provide the best content for the City College community. I look forward to covering the theater department in their two productions for this semester. Also, last semester I dabbled in covering the Lunch Break Big Band via YouTube. To be able to hopefully cover them live makes it even better. The crowd reactions and comments are something I look forward to covering as well. The Atkinson Gallery is scheduled to have an event in September showcasing three artists’ work. Which gives me the opportunity to go in person to cover it and speak with the artists. More so, I am excited to be able to cover all the theater, music and art productions in person. Being able to build relationships with the writers and get a more hands-on experience is probably one of the things I look forward to the most for this semester. A lot happened over summer and being able to cover it with this amazing group of editors makes me super excited.