Review: ‘The Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager’

Brendan Rice

Mr. Solo Dolo has returned from his intergalactic dreams and landed in a dark strange reality in his new album. Kid Cudi, the 2009 hip-hop rookie of the year, serves up the second course of his auto-biographical feast in his new album, “Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager.”

This time around, Scotty leaves behind the alien-esque style of his first album and delves deeper into a darker realism, revealing some not-so-pleasant truths about young stars in the entertainment industry.

On tracks like “Trapped in My Mind,” “Don’t Play this Song” and “All Along,” Cudi takes you to his world of cocaine, isolation and mania showing us that it’s not all about smoking blunts and fantasizing about space.

With such a drastic change in tone, the album seems to fall short lacking the coherence of his first.

At times it feels as though his constant desire to be as creative as possible leads him down a stranger path than necessary. But that is what truly sets Cudi apart from the rest of a played-out scene.

Kid Cudi proves that he is more than just a rapper, but more so an artist who is not afraid to push his own boundaries as a musician like the greatest bands have done before.

Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix influences certainly help give the songs a deep mysterious feel both tonally and lyrically. It will be interesting to see what direction he goes next now that he has picked up the guitar.

Devoted fans will certainly be pleased with the result of Man on the Moon II. Although casual listeners might get a little lost without the upbeat party anthems heard before, Cudi certainly delivers an enjoyable and strange adventure that will solidify his title as one of the most creative entertainers of our generation.