Snyder leads City College softball team with historic pitching

Dan Nelson

Kailey Snyder is among the first to show up to the softball fields at Pershing Park for Monday morning practice.

It’s another early arrival for the reigning Santa Barbara Athletic Round Table softball Player of the Year. But that’s what it takes to be undefeated in your conference.

Dedication is a key component to having the stamina to pitch almost every game.

“I started and completed one game,” said right-fielder Nicole Adair. “Other than that, it’s just been Kailey.”

19-year-old Snyder has struck out 101 batters in her first 88 innings and recorded a .095 earned run average. She now holds City College’s single-game, softball strikeout record with 15 as well.

She also gets a hit about 50 percent of the time she steps up to the plate.

“At the beginning of the year I was having a really hard time,” said Snyder, a Santa Maria native. “I couldn’t pitch to save my life and they [my team] were there 100 percent every single day. They were getting me through it and just talking to me when I needed to be talked to.”

“Her stamina is holding up good,” said Adair. “When you ask her how she’s feeling she says, ‘I’m fine, I’m fine. I can go another game.'”

Adair, Snyder’s counterpart, is also her roommate and they live next door to outfielder Carly Smith.

“She has a really good mental game and doesn’t psyche herself out,” said Smith. “If she is psyched out, no one knows.”

Snyder enjoys making dinner with her roommates when she isn’t involved with school, although she confesses to not having as much talent in the kitchen.

“We mostly stay at home,” said Snyder. “Every single night we have a different family dinner night.”

Snyder also admits being a “beach bum” and takes in a Vaquero baseball game when she can in addition to dinner parties.

“My roommates and I are obsessed with baseball so we come and watch the [City College] baseball games if they’re playing at home,” said Snyder.

The Vaqueros’ 19-2 record suggests that Snyder has been staying solid during the season.

The sophomore pitcher, who is currently majoring in interior design, is held in high regard.

Both Adair and Smith have referred to Snyder as a “leader” on the field.

“I definitely think the friendship we have at home really helps the friendship that we have on the field,” said Adair. “As soon as we get on the field we’re teammates, but as soon as we get back home we’re roommates.”

Snyder aims at attending San Jose State after she finishes at City College.

“Right now Colorado State, Bradley University, North Western Missouri and San Jose State are all very interested in her,” head coach Paula Congleton said. “Part of my job, because she’s so talented, is she won’t have to go to another school without receiving financial aid or athletic scholarships.”

Congleton says that scouts from schools like University of the Pacific and UCSB have been camping in the bleachers throughout the season and expressing interest in Snyder.

Snyder says she has already been accepted into East Bay State, Sacramento State and Monterey Bay State along with San Jose.

“I’m hoping to apply to a four-year,” said Snyder. “I’m in the process of talking to schools right now so I don’t have anything set.”

The Vaqueros’ next outing will be a doubleheader against Ventura. The games will be held at 1 and 3 p.m. tomorrow at Pershing Park.