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ASG discusses campus events and funding for the Queer and Ally club


The Associated Student Government meeting on Friday, Sept. 30 fostered discussions of new events, the board’s budget for the school year, and funding for the Queer and Ally club at their first in-person meeting of the year. 

Details and logistics for several events were thoroughly contemplated, and definitive plans were made to bring ideas to life. 

President Chernor Diallo proposed “ideas to get more students involved and engaged” including activities for the football games. Students will be able to attend pre-game activities at the home football game on Saturday, Oct. 15, and can expect a halftime show for the following home game on Saturday, Oct. 22. Additional ideas involving the creation of a student section, tailgates, rallies, and spirit weeks for the future were also presented. 

Commissioner of Fundraising Lexa Welch’s developing idea for a talent show was further advanced this week. She plans to use the event as a means of fundraising for a program called Path which reserves the goal of providing services to the homeless population in Santa Barbara. 

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“Donations could be going to them,” said Welch. “Everyone can see the homelessness in Santa Barbara, it’s very apparent.”

The exact date and location of the talent show remain under consideration, but she aims to host it at the end of November. 

The Queer and Ally Club President Camille Nielson asked for $400 to fund a variety of events and activities for their members. 

“We’re going to have a lot of fun activities like a queer and ally prom, or a bowling night, or movie night, just fun activities,” Nielson said. 

The board approved the allocation of the funds requested by Nielson to her club so that she can fulfill her goals of creating an engaging environment for members. 

Commissioner of Accessibility Nicholas Hernandez voiced opportunities for growth for the Queer and Ally Club, with an emphasis on resources available at The Well

 “The SBCC Well Center, I think, would be a very wonderful resource for this club because they have presentations about queer and ally education,” said Hernandez. “Planned Parenthood comes in weekly and they do very important lectures about personal health and education about the LGBTQ community.” 

Vice President of Operations and Finance Robert Roysner crafted the budget for the school year, which allocated $750 to each commissioner and $1500 to the remaining board members to efficiently carry out their duties. 

The board was fully solidified with the election of Paige White as the new commissioner of sustainability. Her commitment to sustainability on campus will bring more resources for students to make sustainable actions and minimize environmental harm at City College. 

“I really want to bring in somebody to have a talk either at the school or a webinar, or I want to add posters around just to get everybody to recycle more and just help out our planet,” White said.

With the inception of a completed board of commissioners, ASG will adopt a diverse set of ideas coming from the new group to allow students to flourish and gain a rich experience at City College. 

ASG will reconvene this Friday, Oct. 7 to further discuss developing ideas and changes for students. 

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