Senate recommends delaying teaching load policy to admin

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Senate recommends delaying teaching load policy to admin

Sydney Antil, News Editor

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The Academic Senate will officially recommend delaying enforcement of the teaching unit limit until the Technical Assistance is complete to the administration.

The assistance program is given by the statewide Academic Senate and is used to assist colleges in determining how to best implement regulations and negotiate them between college members.

At the senate’s previous meeting, the group allocated $1,000 for the Technical Assistance program upon Senate President Patricia Stark’s recommendation.

The senate’s official recommendation to delay enforcement of the teaching unit limit was made following a lengthy discussion about how the college should address an administrator’s use of the n-word at a Gender Equity Workgroup meeting, which people said was representative of a campus culture where college members of color feel alienated and ignored. A student had been called the n-word at the library, and the administrator was quoting what was said to the student when she said the slur.

While some senators expressed concern about whether it would be wise to spend $1,000 on the Technical Assistance program, Interim Executive Vice President Pamela Ralston mentioned she had experience with the program at a previous college she worked for.

“It was a positive experience and we learned a lot in lots of ways” said Ralston, adding that it can also promote a healthy relationship between a college’s administration and its senate.

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