SBCC Student Senate discusses mandatory tabling for senators



Associated Student Government spent most of its Friday meeting hashing out its standing rules.

The senate drafted a new document defining rules and expectations for committees, tabling duties to connect with students, clubs and how to hold senators accountable for their duties and set a precedent for future senate business.

The aggravation of self governance culminated in a long winded conversation as awkward giggles and frustrated glances darted across the senate table.

“Self governance is always the hardest thing,” President Dylan Raiman reassured as the conversation about senators tabling duties drew on.

While senators agreed on the importance of tabling, how to handle accountability for the mandatory hour of tabling required for each senator was a point of contention.

Ultimately it was accepted that certain officers as well as all senators at large will be required to serve an hour each week reaching out to students at the senate table by the Campus Center’s cafeteria.